Bo is the first weapon that students are introduced to when they begin training in Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan because it is the foundation of the discipline.

The Bo was probably the most inconspicuous weapons of all because in daily life.

It was just a pole to carry loads on the shoulders



The practice of Bo involves training in kihon or basic techniques, kata or pre-arranged imaginary fights, kumi or sparring, and bunkai or applications.


Each one of these training elements are equally important and all of them are very connected with each other. Even though there are different sizes of Bo the most commonly used and known is the roku shaku Bo which is almost 6 feet. Besides the 6 foot Bo, there are 3 feet and 4 feet Bo as well as long ones ranging from 8 feet to 9 feet to 13 feet.








BO-JUTSU program

15 hojo-undo

Bo Hojo Undo Dai Ichi   

  1. Jodan Uchi 
  2. Jodan Naname Uchi 
  3. Chudan Yoko Uchi 
  4. Gedan Yoko Uchi 
  5. Chudan Kake Uke Tsuki 






Bo Hojo Undo Dai Ni 

  1. Gedan Harai Uke, Jodan Naname

  2. Gedan Hanai Uke, Gedan Nuki

  3. Sunakake 

  4. Gedan Osae Uke 

  5. Kaeshi UchiTsuki 



Bo Hojo Undo Dai San 

  1. Gedan Yoko Uke, Jodan Naname

  2. Jodan Naname Uchi,Jodan Nuki

  3. Chudan Nagashi Uchi , Gedan Uke, Jodan Naname Uchi 

  4. Gedan Yoko Uke, Gedan Osae Uke, Jodan Naname Uchi 

  5. Goren Da 

5 kata

Shushi no Kun
Choun no Kun
Sakugawa no Kun
Chikin (Tsuken) no Kun
Shishi no Kun

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