The term Kobudo means ko (古) old, bu (武), martial, and dō (道) way.

The modern sense covers all weapons of practices associated with Japanese martial arts.

The kobudo define the former Japanese military arts used in wartime.

On the main island (Honshu), the martial education provided in the koryu (ancient traditional schools), included the study of the saber, considered noble, as well as additional weapons like yari spear, the bō long stick  (about 1.80 m), the naginata halberd or short jō stick .

Some koryu specialized in some exotic weapons such as kusarigama (sickle-string) for example.

This education was given to a wealthy elite.




Praticed in KENSHINKAN

Katori shinto ryu  
    Muso shinden ryu 

      Suio ryu
      Isshin ryu
           Ikkaku ryu 
      Juken jutsu
      Aikijo / Aikiken

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