Sai is the second weapon that students are taught in Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan. This is one of the few weapons in Matayoshi Kobudo that came to Okinawa as a weapon rather than as an agricultural or fisherman tool as many of the Matayoshi Kobudo weapons were initially developed.



As the Bo, this weapon training involves the practice of kihon, kata, kumi and bunkai.


The length of the Sai is determined by the length of the forearm of the practitioner. The main purpose is to have a Sai with such a length that if the practitioner is holding the Sai in his hand the tip of the Sai will be just a little bit longer than the elbow.









SAI-JUTSU program

10 hojo-undo      Sai Hojo Undo 
  1. Jodan Mawashi Uchi
  2. Jodan Uke
  3. Chudan Tsuki
  4. Chudan Harai Uke
  5. Gedan Harai Uke
  6. Gedan Uke
  7. Chudan Tsuki, Chudan Mawashi Uchi, Gedan Uke
  8. Chudan Tsuki, Gedan Harai Uke, Jodan Nuki, Gedan Uke
  9. Chudan Tsuki, Chudan Harai Uke, Gedan Harai Uke, Kote Uchi, Gedan Uke
  10. Chudan Tsuki, Chudan Harai Uke, Mawashi Kote Uchi, Gedan Uke
3 kata       Nicho Sai
 Sancho Sai
 Shinbaru no Sai

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