Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan practitioners will be

introduced to Tunkua as their third weapon. Even though

at the Kodokan the name Tunkua is used, this weapon is

also known by other names such as Tonfa, or Tuifa.        




This weapon originated from an ordinary household utensil, a

handle for a mortar or a hand mill. As the Bo and the Sai, this

weapon training also involves the practice of kihon, kata, kumite

and bunkai.  




The way to determine the length of the Tunkua is very similar to the Sai which means that it is determined by the

length of the forearm of the practitioner.

As the practitioner holds the Tunkua by the handle it should be placed against the forearm; the total length of the

Tunkua should be just a little bit longer than the elbow.





10 hojo-undo     
Tonfa Hojo Undo 
  1. Jodan Yoko Uchi
  2. Jodan Uke
  3. Chudan Tsuki
  4. Chudan Nuki
  5. Gedan Yoko Uchi
  6. Gedan Uke
  7. Ago Uchi, Jodan Mawashi Uchi
  8. Chudan Tsuki, Gedan Harai Uke, Gedan Urai Uke, Jodan Uchi
  9. Chudan Tsuki, Jodan Yoko Uchi, Jodan Yoko Uchi, Jodan Uchi
  10. Chudan Tsuki, Nikai Mawashi Uchi


3 kata     

Tonfa Ichi
Tonfa Nidan
Tonfa Ni 

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